Question by  Elinps23 (112)

If my parrot has an air sac problem, what are the symptoms?


Answer by  artilallonline (48)

Air sac problem relates to lung and airway disorder. The symptoms appear with severe infection that includes breathing problem with whistling or clicking noise. Your parrot may breathe with open mouth. Excessive saliva may also appear. Parrot tail may start bobbing. Mild infection may not have any such signs.


Answer by  vikkyrs (377)

By 'problem' you mean mites? The symptoms of mild cases of air sac mites are stopping of singing, deterioraton of feathers, less active birds. In advanced cases, symptoms are sneezing, wheezing, wet nostrils, open-mouth breathing, coughing, sqeaking, weakness, weight loss etc.


Answer by  runningdogs (57)

The bird will have difficulty breathing and may be coughing or wheezing. There may be inflammation or swelling around the trachea and the bird may appear to be in pain.

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