Question by  CDT (117)

If I use a printable invitation template, how do I know what kind of paper to use?


Answer by  liz4970 (33)

The type of paper used with a printable invitation is dependent on recipients and the event. If one is sending invitations for a birthday party the paper may be bright and festive. However, if the invitation is for a more formal event one may use a more formal cardstock.


Answer by  Math68 (308)

Assuming you're printing from a word processor and using any standard home printer, you can use almost any printer type that will fit in the printer. The different weights, brightnesses, and colors allow you to personalize the invitation to how you want it to look and feel.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

The choice of paper is up to you. I would suggest a textured linen paper or washi paper . Usually when printing the printer software would recommend the paper size.


Answer by  hany209209 (43)

It mainly depends about the budget you have, the paper that can be used efficiently is the 80 grams A3 or A4 white paper. If you want something classier, use the shiny thicker card paper , it will cost you about three or four dollars per one hundred paper. Try it.

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