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Question by  fancyface (1)

I still live in the apartment complex that has filed at least 3 evictions on my credit report. I am trying to buy a home, what can I do?


Answer by  answerqueen (564)

Your going to need help. Contact your HUD office, which is a government agency. They may be able to qualify you for some alternative lending. You may need to get a co-signer as well for a loan, along with a fairly hefty downpayment. If you have been current at your current residence, maybe a letter of reccomendation as well.


Answer by  PEngle (25)

Find a local, small bank and sit down with a representative. Be frank and honest about your situation and explain your goal of home ownership. You may be able to set up a plan to achieve your goal of owning a home sooner than you think!

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