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Question by  Leanne (1)

I have magic mushrooms growing in my grass, how do I get rid of them?

Need something dog and child friendly pls


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

Make them magically disappear. One question I have is: are the magical only after you ingest them? Perhaps your lawn is magical as well? It seems that if magic is involved solutions abound. You should contact a srcerer to address the issue as convential means such as pruning or lawn mowing will have no effect on magical vegetation.


Answer by  Anonymous

pay me to come eat them

posted by Anonymous
ill second that! eat the things!  add a comment

Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I would get on my hands and knees and dig them out, make sure you get the root. This problem occurs from moisture build up, make sure that this area gets dried out for a while. I know nothing that would be friendly to dogs or children. It might take a while but its well worth it.


Answer by  msamylulu (22)

You would think a magician is a "fungi" But in reality they just scare kids and leave magic stuff in your yard. You are lucky that mushrooms are your only magic problem. I knew a lady whose problem was much worse than mushrooms. She tipped the magician poorly and he......


Answer by  righteousnous (125)

You will have to dig up these mushrooms by the root because there are seeds in each mushroom and whenever you mow the magic mushrooms this causes the seed to spread. The dirt in these areas has to be replaced completely.

Reply by quadratic (73):
Sorry to be a stickler, but I believe that mushrooms propagate from "spores" not seeds.  add a comment

Answer by  jdmjam09 (26)

Whenever you find "magic" or poisonous mushrooms in your yard, dig them up. Be especially cautious of parasol-shaped mushrooms and all small brown mushrooms. Smashing or kicking them spreads the spores and even more will grow. Bag the mushrooms and soil you have from digging and bag them. Dispose of them according to your local lawn waste laws.


Answer by  errika69 (167)

Lawn mushrooms are a type of fungi that comes from yard spoil. They fed off of old mulch, animal waste, and dying tree stumps. Chemicals can be used to kill them, but the best method is to take away their food source. Throw away the old mulch, clean up the pet waste, and get the roots of the tree removed.


Answer by  Anonymous

you have to dig the roots and remove them completely.

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