Question by  Anonymous

I have extreme fatigue after eating, and then I pep up an hour later, and the pupil of one eye is larger in dim light--what do these symptoms say?


Answer by  Anonymous

Two things: my chiropractor advised that a quick way to see if your adrenals are stressed is to shine a light into your eyes and see if the pupils close evenly and/or close/open/close. etc. Also, I had EXTREME fatigue after eating beef -- my gallbladder is now removed.


Answer by  Christian (35)

The fatigue could be simply from overeating to having high blood sugar. The eyes could be anything from a natural difference in body symmetry to a thyroid problem, to an occular disease or neurological problem. You should contact a doctor to rule out diabetes or thyroid disease.


Answer by  onecrore (196)

i wouldnt freak out about it, but i really think you should go to a doctor. it could be something innocuous, but since it could be something more serious, a doctor visit is certainly in order.


Answer by  ottoe (36)

You may have had low blood sugar before eating, and an hour after eating you began to get energy again as your blood sugar level stabalizes.


Answer by  PooBear (341)

It sounds like you could be anemic. A simple blood test should show whether you are or not. If you are, B12 should help a lot.


Answer by  Lori (57)

It sounds like you might be on the cusp of diabetes. Normally, after you eat your body tries to process foods and works so hard that you experience fatigue for a period of time until your body 'catches up' and your food has completed its processing.

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