Question by  cdbyrd89 (17)

I have dark brown hair and want to go to light brownish blonde, what color should I choose?


Answer by  Lauren (56)

Your best bet would be to highlight your hair. This is better than bleaching your entire head, because it is less damaging. Aim for honey-colored highlights.


Answer by  Peggasuse (11)

You need to choose a light, ash blonde shade. The ash feature in the hair color will make the results softer and you'll not end up with brassy red.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Go for light brown with honey or beige highlights, which will be close enough to your natural coloring to not appear to be artificial.


Answer by  Tammy (585)

It really depends on skin tone, if your skin is olive toned, choose a caramel tone, if your skin is rose toned, choose an ashy tone, and if your wanting to go more than two shades lighter, you should pre-lighten your hair before coloring.


Answer by  praveenalister (79)

For any darkish colored hair, the person should use any light color for hair coloring. For your dark brown hair, you can use pale red color to reduce its darkness.

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