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Question by  mjb (11)

How would I fix the transmission on my 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager?

I can't shift into second.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

You are going to have to get a transmisson rebuild kit for a manual transmission and pull the transmission out of the vehicle and rebuild it. It is simple but really time consuming.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

The best thing to do is to go to the local auto parts store and purchase a transmission rebuild kit and put it in.


Answer by  NateB (571)

It's probably a linkage problem. If your mechanically inclined then remove the plastics around the shift console and take a look. The problem should be obvious.


Answer by  samisaysalways70 (69)

According to me if you want to fix the transmission on your 1990 Plymouth Grand Voyager, you must have to concern a mechanic.

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