Question by  CoolCal (44)

How should I treat an infected tongue piercing?

I told my daughter not to do it, and now look what happened.


Answer by  koolmom (291)

I would take my daughter to the doctor for antibiotics. I would also have her take the tongue ring out until the infection heals. The piercing may close. Oh well.


Answer by  alabama17 (14)

Remove the piercing immediately! The tongue is an extremely sensitive muscle, and will be irritated by salt, spicy foods, etc. Use mouth washes that are antibacterial, your daughter has to suck it up. She was not responsible enough to take care of it, lose the piercing. It needs to heal.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

I would contact her doctor and tell them what she did. You don't to put something in her mouth that will add to the problem. Doctors know best.


Answer by  Vani1902 (120)

There is not much that one can do to treat a infected tongue piercing. The first thing you should do, though, is remove it. After, you can use a mouth wash to clean the area. The best thing would be to take her to a doctor. That is the best way to treat it.


Answer by  domi (124)

There are several mouth washes that help the tongue heal, these are usually available at piercing parlors. Also try having her stop eating salty spicy foods and stop smoking. See a doctor if it doesnt start getting better.


Answer by  DavidMegenis (117)

Do not take your daughter tong ring out before the infection is treated. This can result in a trapped infection and possible permanent damage. Buy the healing solution online or at the mall.


Answer by  booboobear (139)

You should take her immediately to a doctor and get the prescribed antibiotics. The infection should clear up within a few days.

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