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Question by  mayuri (48)

How should I go about starting a wandering jew plant?


Answer by  diva63 (56)

You can take several clippings from an existing plant and place the clippings in water. Once the clipping root, you can transfer them to soil.


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

Take a cutting from a existing plant, bury about 1.5 inches of the stem in potting soil and keep moist. It will take root quickly.


Answer by  birder (34)

Take a small cutting and place it in a jar of water. When the cutting has roots, plant it in a pot with soil. Water it and watch it grow!


Answer by  JamesRaymond (93)

You can either place a stem of Wandering Jew in water until roots form, and then plant in soil or you can plant directly in moist soil.


Answer by  Majyk (115)

Wandering Jew is one of the easiest plants to start. Cut off a branch and put it in water. It will grow roots in the water and then just plant.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Snip off a branch from the plant and set in water. When the branch get a root, its ready to plant in soil.

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