Question by  caringguy (40)

How should I go about starting a stock portfolio?


Answer by  npatin44 (258)

The best way to start a stock portfolio is to research and invest in a few diversified mutual funds. Avoid funds with too much cross over such as more than one growth oriented funds or technology funds and so on. This will give you a good, broad exposure to the market while limiting your risk.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

Look up brokers in your area who can help you. Talk to people you know and find out who has a reputable name in your area and go and talk to them about investing. ALso you can try your bank a lot of banks either can handle your investments or can give you advice on who to go to.


Answer by  SimonLC (234)

The money to start can not be part of its annual budget and can not count on it. Remember that is like casino. You must always accompany and take aim to buy and to sell. Missed a day may have lost the right point to enter or leave.


Answer by  demannlv (179)

The first requirement is study. Your homework should include reading one of the following: The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Businessweek and or Forbes. This will give you a good beginning.


Answer by  sara99 (851)

Begin with any amount you can afford to lose. Be if $100 or $1000. You can buy a few shares of many stocks or a lot of one. Penny stocks are also an excellent way to begin. You have trade fees but worth the risk.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

The easiest choice, and most tax advantaged, is to open a 401K retirement plan with your employer. The contributions decrease your taxes, and most employers contribute a match.


Answer by  kaboom969 (242)

Do some research first on some fields of stocks, like gold, oil, or technology. Pick a few stocks from each category and wait for the right moment purchase them.


Answer by  nate33 (62)

To go about starting a stock portfolio, begin by finding a consultant or someone knowledgeable about the stock market and how it runs. Determine how much you will invest


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

The cheapest way to do it is to use one of the no-frills online trading companies. You'll need to do all your own research, which is actually a good thing.

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