Question by  StevenGrant (25)

How should I go about pruning oak trees?


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

you need a laddle and a chair saw and a hand saw if the tree is big you can buy a chain saw on a stick put laddle up and look what branches you what to cut then go up and start to cut make sure the branches dont fall on you


Answer by  countrygal (164)

The best way to prune a oak tree is to have a pruning book with hints on how to prune. you must be careful and cut in the right spot.


Answer by  ruth (407)

Make a cut at the bottom of the branch. Farther out, cut through the whole branch. Then cut the branch at the original cut. File ragged edges.


Answer by  wim (12)

Look at the tree and decide on the shape you want it to gave. Take out some heavy branches first and then take out any dead wood.

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