Question by  binkman88 (53)

What culd be wrong if the leaves on my oak trees are brown?

The leaves on my trees turn brown in the middle of summer. Could this be a disease or a pest problem?


Answer by  Learner (350)

I fear it may be due to "sudden oak death" fungi. It possible you take a small branch of leaves to nearby center where people sell plants, fertilizers. They may be able to tell you the right reason. Before you decide on axing the tree, call an arborist to check.


Answer by  Varioso (11)

It is not uncommon for an oak tree to have a few brown leaves. This is a natural process of leaf exchange, where old leaves are replaced by new, younger ones. If you tree has a large number of brown leaves though, this might mean its root system has been damaged by a soil fungus or by any other cause.


Answer by  amywade40 (62)

It could be a disease called Oak Wilt. It can be transferred by insects or root systems. Disconnect root and remove the infected tree.


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

If the tips of the leaves are turning brown the tree may have Oak wilt. A general browning of the leaves could indicate a lack of water or the presence of toxins. Consult the county agent and/or a regional Master Gardener group if one is available.

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