Question by  jack (14)

How should I deal with my boyfriend's depression?


Answer by  Anonymous

Be patient and understanding with him, let him know you love him and at the same time listen to him. But most importantly, never let him go!


Answer by  Jaclyn (42)

The most important thing is to be sympathetic. Nothing is worse for someone who is going through depression than to feel like nobody understands them. It is important for you to listen to what he has to say, no matter how silly it may seem at the time, and to be available if he needs to talk to you.


Answer by  Anonymous

you need to get professional help fr him. yu cannnot do it alone


Answer by  Tanya69 (13)

It really depends on his character and for how long he has been depressed. If for a while nothing makes him happy, he should sick doctor's help.


Answer by  ravishanker (155)

You should go close and sit near him and put him on your shoulder or laps and just say him not to feel for any thing and also say that you will be always with him. Main thing is don't ask him the reason for his depression.

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