Question by  Abs (26)

How should I deal with my abusive father?


Answer by  mysconnie (21)

Report him immediately, don't wait. If you're in school, tell your guidance counselor, or tell your doctor. If you belong to a church, tell a clergyman. Look online or in the phone book, find the agency which deals with this-probably Children Services. Don't be afraid to call them. Let others know about this; let them help.


Answer by  ellerbellerz (141)

Report him, there is always someone willing to help- it may just take you a lot of searching. Reasoning with him would probably not work, but letting him know that you won't take his abuse is a step. Make sure you have pepper spray in case of an emergency.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

Under 18? Report him. Over 18? Remember, you are not responsible for his behavior and you did not cause him to be abusive. Get some counseling and be sure you learn how families are supposed to operate so the abuse will stop with your generation.


Answer by  sweetangel (17)

You should tell him that being abusive to me is not right.Abusing me would not benefit anyone at all, conversely, it could lead me into mental illness. Parents are supposed to be caring and supportive, they are there for the child to rely on and to teach them life lessons when necessary.

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