Question by  praveen68 (12)

How should I deal with blackheads in the ears?

I can't see what I'm doing.


Answer by  Jo46 (394)

This is a surefire way to fix zits, blackheads, and whiteheads. Crack an egg. Do what you wish with the white and yolk; you won't be needing them. Now on the inside of the eggshell, there is a thin white membrane. Peel it off, put it on the affected spots, and leave it overnight. Dries them up QUICK!


Answer by  Mae (38)

You will probably need to get a friend or spouse to take a look at it. If its infected you may want to visit a dematologist for advice.


Answer by  Maria26 (185)

Use rubbing alcohol. It takes away germs and it dries quickly. If you cannot see, use two mirrors. One point at your ear, and the other to see your reflection.


Answer by  wendyj (359)

First, be careful with the skin in your ears since you can't easily see in there. It would probably be wise to see a dermatologist about the blackheads. They will be able to give you good treatment advice.

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