Question by  jossf3 (16)

How painful is it to pierce your ear cartilage?

I'm scared to do it, but it looks so good!


Answer by  pierced11 (15)

I currently have nine piercings, nose, belly button, and the rest on the ears, and I would say besides the lobes cartilage was the least painful. I've actually had it done twice and now have an industrial. Go with a friend, its a quick little pain, good luck!


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

Having your cartilage pierced is not at all painful as long as you use an ear gun, pain is on;ly experienced when you apply pressure on it.


Answer by  Jaquelynne (594)

The piercing itself isn't painful at all. The only part I found painful was putting pressure on it while it was healing. If I tried to lay on the side with the piercing it was sore. I suggest getting a flat backed earring.


Answer by  Tony22 (8)

It is not painful at all to have your ear pierced. I have had mine done 2 days ago and there was no pain at all. It was similar to having someone flick your ear with a finger. It is over really quickly. The preparation took longer than the piercing.

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