Question by  harshtch (14)

How often should you clean chimney soot?

Our new house has a real fire, and during winter we will be burning lots of fires. I've never had one before so I don't know how often I should clean it.


Answer by  Amy70 (19)

If you burn a fire for a few hours each day, you should try to clean the chimney soot at least every two months. Each months would be ideal, because certain older styles allow wind to blow in from the top. This results in much cleanup. If it's only a few times a week, try every three months.


Answer by  Amadea (84)

Cleaning chimneys once a year is a good rule of thumb. But it really depends on how often wood is burned and how much resin is in the wood. A good chimney sweep will be able to advise you about a cleaning schedule that will meet the needs for your particular use pattern.


Answer by  tgadzooky (45)

In our Old house we used to have a professional come out and clean the chimney once a year. However, you may not need to do it as often if you burn a better quality of wood.


Answer by  JA (81)

Cleaning your chimney is very important, this will help prevent flames from flowing up your chimney and causing a house fire, According to the National Fire Protection Agency you should clean your fire place after one cord of wood has burned since the last time you cleaned the fire place, and you should have an annual inspection each year.

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