Question by  Guri (16)

How often should you check your car's battery for water?


Answer by  sharadjhawar (11)

The car battery should be checked for the level of distilled water every week if it is a lead-acid battery. It is necessary to have frequent checks because low level of water will reduce the exchange of electrons from negatively charged plates to the positively charged ones thus reducing electrical charge, and irreversibly damaging the battery plates.


Answer by  jmowreader (61)

You should check the water in the battery at least once a month. The "water" in the battery is really acid, which the battery needs to work. "Full" is 1/8" below the bottom of the vent well; "empty" is when the tops of the plates are uncovered.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If you have a newer battery it should never need to be checked. Modern batteries are designed to be maintenance free.


Answer by  cody (1331)

you should check your car battery for water every year or so it does not run low for a long time. but just to make sure i would check it ever year so you know that your battery is good and you wont end up somewhere and your car wont start

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