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Question by  enexel (43)

What is wrong if after driving the water is leaking in my Honda Accord?

My car leaks water.


Answer by  24Volts (24)

Where is the water coming from? Does the car have Air conditioning? If this is switched on then it removes excess moisture from the air and vents it under the car. If your screen wash and coolent levels are not dropping then its a fair chance that is where the water is coming from.


Answer by  monocogger (432)

My first inclination if your honda is truely leaking water is that your AC condenser is just draining. Check the color and smell of the puddle under the car. Obviously if it has any color or smell it isn't water. If there is no color or smell don't worry about it.


Answer by  jeffw (173)

If you have a water leak only after driving it is a pressure related problem usually. Drive it around the block a couple of times then park it and leave it running. Inspect the radiator and all hoses coming in and out of it. Be sure to inspect the heater hoses as well. Do not open the radiator cap.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If you drove with the ac on the it may just be the condensation and is normal. If not check the engine for leaking hoses or gaskets.


Answer by  tennisha88 (20)

It could be your air conditioner. If you do not suspect that it is your air conditioner, then it could be your radiator. I would visit a radiator repair shop and ask them if they will check it for you.

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