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Question by  Ascencion (54)

How often does a central air conditioner need recharging?


Answer by  bin53 (76)

In theory it should never need recharging. The freon travels through a closed loop system. If your unit is losing freon then there must be a leak somewhere. Freon leak detectors are expensive but you can find the leak easily. You might want to consider hiring a good HVAC tech. They can find the leak and repair it.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

Refrigerant, freon, suva, isotron, or any other cooling medium does not wear out, does not need replaced, and does not need recharged, topped off, or otherwise adjusted, if the system was installed properly and sealed properly during installation.


Answer by  bin53 (76)

Actually, it should NEVER need recharging. The unit is a closed loop system. There is a leak somewhere in the system. Look for oily residue on pipe joints and connections. The leak may be so small that it only needs recharging once a season, but I would have that repaired.

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