Question by  morella (79)

How often are Google maps updated?


Answer by  Shankalot (484)

Google updates its mapping program on a regular basis to ensure Google maps have relevance. As you know, many new housing developments change the landscape, so Google continually updates it's programs to ensure that its service does not get out of date. There is a several month lag in the update.


Answer by  Vida (48)

Google is constantly adding updated satellite imagery to Google Maps and Google Earth. Although nmost imagery is updated within 3 years, there is not a set timeline for updates at this time.


Answer by  martin67 (114)

I think the google maps are updated daily.. then only the new informations which are found is updated daily and we receive the new information.. google maps are very easy method to find the routes of the available information.. there will be only slight changes are made daily s o we can find those things easily..

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