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Question by  Sekiryu (47)

How much weight will 3M mounting tape hold?

I want to put up a door mirror.


Answer by  neon (32)

Well, you want to put up a door mirror. That will be risky. Because it can hold over 900gm weight. 3M mounting tape is strong and heavy. But as a door mirror is fragile you should avoid using tape.


Answer by  Ilija (155)

Very often the amount of weight that the tape can hold is listed on the package, and it is around 4 pounds. I would recommend you not to use it.


Answer by  Califax999 (23)

Regardless, I cannot suggest this method for anything more than temporary. I would suggest a bracket to support the weight of your mirror

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duh thats common sense  add a comment

Answer by  Joe80 (866)

There is a chart of how much weight the mounting tape will hold up on the package of the tape.But usually, the tape could hold up 1 to 3 pounds.


Answer by  rhelms10 (310)

The amount of weight that 3M mounting tape will hold will vary on the amount of tape you use. The weight per inch would be listed on the package.

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