Question by  billyb (562)

How much sodium does beer have in it?

On average that is, a typical can of beer has what amount of sodium?


Answer by  DanFarley (28)

Beer contains on average about 2mg of sodium per ounce which translates to roughly 24mg of sodium per 12 ounce serving. In having this amount of sodium, beer is said to deplete your body, thus the reason why you are thirsty after a night out.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

The two kinds of beer that I have in the house did not list the sodium content. But research tell us that a twelve ounce can of beer has, on average, 11mg. in each 12 ounce serving.


Answer by  AbbieThompson (175)

On average, a beer has 11 milligrams of sodium per serving size, which is typically twelve ounces. Always remember that the amount of sodium varies between brands of beer.

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