Question by  ClarkeWG (14)

How much notice does the landlord have to give a tenant for a rent increase?


Answer by  notenoughfacts (257)

If a tenant has a lease, no increase in rent is permitted during lease period unless there is a provision for such increase, in which case a person should not have signed. If there is no lease, thirty days is traditionally and often the notice required for tenants to receive of landlord actions.


Answer by  patti (29325)

A landlord will advise that effective with a new lease, the rent will increase $X. He cannot increase the rent during the term of a lease. If rental is month-to-month, he would likely advise upon payment of the previous month or two. The state may have a specific law regarding the required time of notice but it is unlikely.


Answer by  Sunda (110)

This varies from state to state, so you should check your state's laws regarding landlord/tenant contracts. That being said, in many states, it is a period of 30 days.


Answer by  Srinivasannatrajan (6)

A tenant would have already known the periodical rent increase through the initial agreement that has been signed by both, the landlord and the tenant. In case it is better to notify the tenant twice,i. e few months before the period mentioned in the agreement and exactly a month before the period in the agreement applies.

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