Question by  quilzas (48)

How much is too many sprinklers on a station?

I want my sprinkler system to last, and I don't want to over water my lawn.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

I would think that 4 sprinklers on a station would be great and it would not over water your yard. Just move it around often to get it even all over the yard. This would be a very pretty yard in the spring through the fall. Make sure you move the sprinkler around to get even coverage.


Answer by  dapk123 (11)

It really depends. A good lawn has one sprinkler every ten to twenty feet. If you have a 10x10 foot lawn, you'd need about three to five sprinklers in your yard.


Answer by  KathySJ (102)

Our sprinkler system was installed professionally with 6 to 10 sprinkler heads per station. Each station's water time is set to 10 minutes and we have not over watered.


Answer by  bob26 (7)

Well it depends on how big the sprinkler is along with the station itself. i would only use one sprinkler on my lawn personally, but i have a small front lawn. Over watering it can make it muddy and unattractive. At most i would use only two sprinklers, unless you're super rich and have likei huge backyard.

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