Question by  Jen80 (28)

How much is a Pete Rose baseball card worth?

Does his reputation hurt or help the value?


Answer by  Alayean (102)

A Pete Rose card can be worth a lot of money still, depending on what kind of card it is. If it's a common card, it can be worth less than $1, even in mint condition. If it's very good quality Rookie, it can be worth near $10,000.


Answer by  stevenvdc (27)

The age is more deterministic. They go for 20 to 250 US$, actually they are worth what someone is prepared to buy them for. You can check price guides for a particular card.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

Pete Rose baseball cards have taken a beating with all of the scandal that he has been through. Although they still have value they are worth just a fraction of what they were worth prior to all the scandals and his banishment from baseball.

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