Question by  jeyMartin (42)

How much does it cost to download games for an ipod?


Answer by  inertia4 (49)

The price of a game download depends on the maker of the app. If you go to iTunes you could look for apps for download for iPods, iPhones, iPod touch and iPad. Usually app prices range from free to over 20 Dollars in some cases.


Answer by  kait (40)

iPod games vary in price from free to hundreds of dollars. Most of them cost between 99 cents and a few dollars, however. Just browse the iTunes store to find out exact prices. Guitar hero, for example, is $2.99. Many fun games and apps are this price or even cheaper!


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

I believe that it depends on the game itself. The game's make should be the one that determines the games price. It should tell you one the game's page.


Answer by  mcr666 (362)

This depends on the site you are going to for the games. Itunes may price different games based on popularity and features. Some websites offer free games for downlaod. You also have the option of copying games off a friends ipod or another ipod. You will probably spend a few dollars at most to downlaod a game.

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