Question by  Abbie (282)

How much do plumbers make an hour?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Where I live plumbers make between $60.00 to $75.00 and hour. Some places the helper is paid by you also but usually it's much less. Plumbers in my part of Maryland get around $35.00 for just a service call with no work done.


Answer by  Leonardyoo (8)

The US Department of Labor categorizes plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters into one category. The median hourly wages for this category, as of May 2008, was $21. 94. The bottom 10% earned less than $13. 22 and the highest earned over $37. 93.


Answer by  Hernandez09 (22)

What a plumber makes can vary there are many things that should be taken into consideration, such as, skill, training and location. The average is approximately $ 28.65, salary wise equals $49,200.


Answer by  dukespook (42)

Plumbers have two fees that they will charge you for. The first is usually $90 for the first hour. This means that if they show up to your residence, it will cost $90 if they are there for only 5 minutes. After that, the costs is about $70 per hour.


Answer by  June77 (292)

It depends on the cost of living in the local market, your reputation for service, and whether you own your business or are working for someone else. If you work for someone else, expect to earn between $15-25 and hour.


Answer by  joantheresa (1421)

The charge for plumbers per hour depends a lot upon the area of the country you are living in. In our small town in the state of Iowa, we were charged $65/hr. for our last repair work. Good luck.


Answer by  souldolphindream (835)

It depends on how long he/she has been a plumber.What kind of experience that they person may have. What company they work,or if they have their own business. They can make up to 50.00 or more a hour if they have their own business.

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