Question by  fransois (37)

How much is a 1991 Brett Favre card worth?

It's a rookie card, and in great condition.


Answer by  Mark4474 (38)

It depends which one you have. Because of the high volume of cards made in the early nineties, rookie cards from that era are usually pretty cheap to come by, sometimes as little as ten dollars. The most valuable one is the one with his last name spelled wrong.


Answer by  jacksprat870 (148)

According to a professional card trading website a Brett Favre rookie card (depending on brand) can range from 2 dollars to about 9. The top brand is Upper Deck.


Answer by  mcreents (102)

Most likely worth a few hundred dollars. However, this solely depends on if the card is in mint condition, also smell, bends, coloring,All of these things matter in it's price.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

Brett Favre has retired so his rookie cars should be worth quite a bit. Make sure that the card is in it's original condition.

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