Question by  metaphaze (19)

How much is a Kodak Retina IA worth?

I want to know how much my Kodak Retina is worth?


Answer by  Colemanbunny (231)

Kodak list the value of this camera from $30-48 depending on condition. One recently sold on ebay for $16. 00 The condition of the camera and what equipment you have to go with the camera makes the price vary greatly. If you have the original bix it is worth more.


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

I found one in very good condition with a full set of accessories (leather case, original manuals, several wratten filters and Kodak light meter) listed for $300. 00 on eBay.


Answer by  Larry (104)

The going price on auction sites for a Kodak Retina IA ranges from $29 to $49, depending on its condition. A pawn shop or dealer will offer about half that.


Answer by  KellyC (13)

The specific camera type you ask about has variable values, all depending on interchangeable lenses or not. The camera alone is $800, and with lenses $1300.


Answer by  Thomas99 (24)

I have seen this camera on eBay for $300. 00. Not bad for a camera that was made in the 40's and 50's. They stopped making them in 1954. If it is on eBay for $300. 00 you may find a collector who will pay more. If you have accessories for this camera you could get more.


Answer by  Warner (56)

A good condition in it's original case with all moving parts working shouldn't cost you mare than $300 to $500, watch out for fungus in the lens!

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