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Question by  ramyarengaraj (21)

How many rib bones does the male have in comparison to female?

I have heard that males have one less rib than men, is this true.


Answer by  flasker (120)

Males and females both have 12 ribs. In the Christian bible God created Adam from one of his ribs so Adam was said to have one less rib than Eve. Modern humans all have 12 ribs.


Answer by  Drynose (66)

No. Rib cage of female and male are anatomically identical. Both male and female have 12 ribs. 8 true ribs that connects to the sternum by cartilage, 3 false ribs that connects to the last ribs and 2 floating ribs, that attached to the vertebra only. Some people have missing a pair of these and some people have extra's.


Answer by  fried121 (43)

The normal number of ribs are 24 twelve on the left and twelve on the right. Contrary to popular belief both men and women have the same amount of ribs, with few exceptions.

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