Question by  craft (52)

How many people can you serve out of a 10-quart crock pot?

What size would I need for 8 people?


Answer by  Elizabeth73 (292)

Obviously it depends on what you are making on how many people you can serve. If you are making an appetizer or even a soup you can probably go with a crock pot considerably smaller than 10 quarts such as 5 quarts but for a main course such as a roast 10 quarts is probably good for 8 people.


Answer by  lolitacupcake (26)

You can serve, around six to eight people for a ten quart crock pending upon the recipe and the ingredients used in said recipe,you can make enough portions for all your guests. A wonderful recipe for the amount of people you are having is beef bourguignon. Your crock pot is the perfect size for your guests.

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