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Question by  Henry16 (34)

How many neon trats are in a five gallon tank?

I need to have more information on a five gallon tank.


Answer by  elden (116)

If you mean neon tetras in a five gallon tank, then this might help. A general rule for aquariums is one inch of fish per gallon. Since neons are small that number could be increased to two or three. So, ten to twelve wouldn't be to many.


Answer by  SanoIchiro (104)

You can easily hold 5-6 neon tetras in the tank. Because they are schooling fish, it is best not to have less than that either.


Answer by  Aqua (130)

Five gallons is not very much water, and you have to be very particular when choosing your fish. Generally, one inch of fish per gallon of water, with good filtration is advisable. So, five neon tetras is a good choice. Stay away from large or aggressive fish.


Answer by  pappu (170)

only 5 neon trats can be kept in five gallon tank. if you feel its small then you can keep more but the size of the neon trats will stop growing based on the tank size. neons are extremely active so it will be more better if you put 6-7 in a ten gallon tank.

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