Question by  LucianX (37)

How many fret positions for guitar?

I need to know the fret positions for a guitar.


Answer by  TyMan77 (28)

The number of fret positions for guitar varies from guitar to guitar. Most acoustic guitars have between 17-20 positions. Electric guitars have between 21 and 24 frets.


Answer by  MstrMusician (34)

There are several different styled guitar that use different numbers of frets. For acoustic guitars, it's most common to find them with 20 frets. For electric guitars, it's usually 22 frets, although some Fender guitars are made with the classic 21, and there are other brands that use 24.


Answer by  cbaham3 (34)

Its hard to tell exactly what you mean by fret positions. Typically there are 22 or 24 frets on a guitar. A common guitar with 6 strings will have, totally over 22 frets, 132 fret positions. 144 total fret positions on a guitar with 24 frets. That is not counting open positions (strings not fretted).


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

It all depends on what guitar you own and the size of a guitar. Fret positions can be invented and the amount is always changing. It also depends on the song you are trying to play.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

There are 10 basic fret positions for the guitar. Search youtube and you'll see many exampls to get you started. Also, your local library will have books-any thing in the Mel Bay Series is very helpful.


Answer by  RLDubourg (44)

There is a countless number of fret positions. Anywhere you place your hand is considered a fret position. A good start would be learning the A-G major and minor chords.


Answer by  wishfire (119)

This depends on what type of guitar you own. There are 19-24 frets on a guitar, with acoustic guitars having less, and electric guitars having more.

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