Question by  Zuzu (200)

How long should kittens nurse for?

I am concerned that the mom cat has stopped nursing the kittens before they are ready.


Answer by  shuker (32)

kittens should stay with their mother for eight weeks but better for the kitten to stay with the mother for around twelve. They may be weaned before, however they should stay with the mother as they have the occasional need to nurse. If a kitten is removed too soon it may not learn behaviour such as using a litter box.


Answer by  Nadia (17)

Kittens should be weaned from their mother or kitten milk replacer at 6-8 weeks of age. Start introducing a canned kitten food gruel at 4 weeks of age. Dry food can be introduced at 6 weeks of age. The kitten vaccination series should be started at the same time as weaning


Answer by  Kelmaz (339)

Kittens are weaned from 3 weeks and the cat will help you by preventing the kittens from feeding,if they are younger then a milk replacement will need to be used.


Answer by  aussiegirl (711)

Generally kittens should be started on solid food at 3-4 weeks,then there should be a lap over period where they are eating and nursing. if mum stopped early,there may be a problem like mastitis making it painful for her. as long as kittens are eating solid food,i wouldn't worry,if not you will need to get formula from your local clinic.

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