Question by  sauvblanc (96)

How long is it okay to sit in a coffee shop if I only buy a cup of coffee?


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

If you are asking about a coffee shop that has waiters/waitresses, then i would leave shortly after finishing your food. if you are talking about a cafe where you order coffee at the counter, then i wouldn't worry too much unless there weren't free tables for others.

Reply by banktop (16):
I am a work from home professional, and this is my general practice. As long as there are empty tables, it's fine, but if there are people waiting or the place is busy, I usually buy a meal to justify my continuing to take up space.  add a comment

Answer by  shego (255)

As a former server I can say with confidence that to stay longer than one hour after buying only one cup of coffee is in poor taste. Unless, of course you plan to leave a very nice tip. Otherwise you are occupying space that could be used by paying customers who may order meals that would result in bigger tips.


Answer by  kaetien (47)

My general rule is one hour to one hour and a half per cup of coffee. If you're pushing two hours, you really ought to go back up and buy something else, even if it's a tiny coffee or a bottle of water or some tea.


Answer by  somerset (801)

It all depends how busy the coffee shop is. If not busy, stay as long as you want to. It might actually draw in more customers since people have a tendency to visit places more, if they are busy. If busy, be considerate. The business needs to make money.


Answer by  smooth (37)

As long as you want. The implied duration is that the longer you sit in said coffee shop, the more likely you will buy an additional cup of coffee. Coffee shops know this and are assuming you a person will stick around.

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