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Question by  yntern (58)

How long is cheese good for after the expiration date if it has been frozen?


Answer by  oldmom (716)

The clock stops ticking once the cheese is frozen. It can be frozen for some months, although it is likely to be crumbly when thawed, but suitable for cooking.


Answer by  ApprenticeJenn (959)

As long as your cheese was frozen prior to the expiration date, it should still be good (not moldy) for at least a few days after being thawed. Keep in mind the texture and taste will be diminished. For example, hard varieties such as cheddar often becomes crumbly and hard to slice.


Answer by  diane23 (1167)

If it was frozen immediately after purchasing, it should be good for several weeks past the date. Use it as soon as possible after thawing.


Answer by  Anonymous

To avoid crumbly frozen hard cheese e.g.Cheddar/Cantel etc., grate first then freeze asap - break some off as needed and back into freezer - it works for several months.

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