Question by  ragdollgirls (2)

How long has Victor Newman Young been on "The Young and The Restless?"

He's my favorite actor.


Answer by  Dahloan (294)

Victor Newman Young has been a regular on CBS's The Young and the Restless on two seperate stints. He was on the show from February 1980 through November 2, 2009. After a brief rest, he again acted on the show starting in January 15, 2010 to the present.


Answer by  CCAnswers (84)

Victor Newman Young is played by the actor Christian Miller. Christian Miller has played the popular character Victor Newman on "The Young and The Restless" from February 1980 through November 2, 2009, and again from January 15, 2010 to present. Victor was intended to be a short character for a six month storyline, but developed into a lead character.

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