Question by  sindhu (12)

How long does it take to grow my hair long enough for braids?


Answer by  WiseTeacher (258)

Hair grows about one-half inch per month and a twelve-inch braid needs hair about 18 inches past your ears. How long is your hair now? How long would you like your braid or braids to be? If you can't wait for your hair to grow, think about using a temporary hair piece or clip-on extenders.


Answer by  Diana (46)

It depends on how long your hair is now. If your hair is very short, it could take 6 months to a year to get your hair long enough to put into braids. If your hair is layered, it will be harder to braid.


Answer by  barbie (115)

Everyone has a different rate of hair growth, so it is impossible to know. There are vitamins and minerals formulated to enourage hair growth. You can braid very short hair.


Answer by  Tawnybug (25)

It depends on the thickness of your hair and how long it is to begin with, but I think it takes about 2 years, if the hair starts out short.

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