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Question by  smiyb277 (37)

How long does it take to defrost meat at room temperature?

I always forget to defrost it in the refrigerator.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

It depends on whether there are bones (that will take longer) and how heavy it is. If you are defrosting a Thanksgiving turkey, it will take a couple of days. If you're defrosting a pound of ground beef, it should take about 6 hours. You can thaw meat out days before you need it. Maybe plan ahead.


Answer by  navywriter (790)

It depends on the amount of the meat, but it is not safe to do this in the first place. If you must defrost meat outside of the refrigerator, then it should be place in a tray of cool water. This will be a safer way to defrost it.


Answer by  nicolebrodeur (206)

Try to place it near a window during the day, and it should fully defrost within three hours. Make sure to clean and disinfect the counter first. You can also try running it under hot water (if the meat is wrapped in cellophane) in your kitchen sink for about ten minutes as this significantly quickens the defrosting time.


Answer by  shalopai (25)

It depends on the size of the meat. Let's say, 1 kilo, will take around 2-3 hours to defrost. I advice to put it on the sink, and turn on water (may be cold). Will defrost 2 times faster


Answer by  cpibill (22)

This depends on the size of the meat, and room temperature. I would say an average time would be 4 to 6 hours. A way to speed that process is to set the package under slowly running COLD water.

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