Question by  Convey (20)

How long does it take the sun to go around the Earth?


Answer by  step (309)

The sun does not go around the earth. In fact the Earth rotates about the sun at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour. It takes the Earth approximately 365 days or 1 year to take this trip. The Earth is also rotating on it's own axis while speeding around the sun, it does this every 24 hours.


Answer by  Bo99 (392)

As long as i know, the sun doesn't turn around the earth. In fact, it is exactly the opposite and it takes a whole year for the earth to do a complete turn around the sun.


Answer by  Sakkano (129)

Actually, the sun does not go around the Earth. The Earth is in an orbit around the sun and revolves as it travels. It takes about 365. 25 days for Earth to make a full circuit. Nicolaus Copernicus introduced the advanced idea of heliocentric cosmology.

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