Question by  mom (244)

How long does it take a money order to clear the bank?

I deposited a money order into my account and want to know when the money will be available.


Answer by  patti (29325)

A money order is backed by cash and so it can be credited immediately, depending on your lender's policies. The bank may want to wait a two to seven days to make sure it is not a counterfeit document. The bank can also call the issuer of the money order to verify its authenticity.


Answer by  hkbravo34 (6)

i depostied a 875 M/O in my bank of america account and it was avivble the next day.

Reply by arayparis (0):
The amount can be available the day of or after, but that does not mean that it will not pull out 2 days later due to payment not fully authorizing. Bank of America loves to give overdraft fees in your account. They love making money.  add a comment

Answer by  Huntress (1935)

This depends on where the Money Order came from and what your bank policy is. It could be anywhere from 24 hrs to 7 days. Call your bank and ask.


Answer by  peters (296)

That really depends on the bank and who issued the money order. It can take anywhere from 2 days which is common, to 2 weeks which is uncommon in this day and age. The larger the sum of money, the longer the order will take as the bank will not front large sums.


Answer by  Anonymous

usually about 2 days..if you are lucky.., by midday the neext business day


Answer by  arayparis (0)

I noticed that Publix money orders are trustworthy.


Answer by  Anonymous

i withdrew 2 MO'S from my checking at Bank Of America Friday and deposited them in my Wells Fargo acct same day , they showed credit on saturday on Wells Farg acct but $ still in Bank of America

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