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Question by  debmalewski (1085)

How long does it take a federal court to answer a complaint?

I have filed a complaint aganist someone and would like to know the time line on when to expect a response.


Answer by  Amanda94 (40)

That would depend on how busy the judge is. Judges answer inquiries themselves after research and even interviews, it takes minimum 1 month max a year. Usually they don't take that long, but judges answer hundreds of these complaints a month. If your federal judge has time with in that first month you'll hear back.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

It can take several weeks to months to get a response from the federal court. They deal with many cases on a regular basis. Due to the legal requirements and processing, you will have to wait a while and experience many delays. Therefore, it is important to be patient in this matter.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well it depends on how soon they receive the complaint and it depends on the order that they receive your complaint. It should take about a month for them to get back to you.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when asking that. A big one is case load. I would expect you should hear back within a week or two.

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