Question by  KMcRae (714)

How is one search engine different than another?


Answer by  BillSmith (55)

The various search engines use different search algorithms programed by their respective companies. Different websites also offer different services in relation to the search engine, including ads, networking, and cashback.


Answer by  apsaras (408)

Different search engines use different algorithms to search the internet for information and may generate different search results, depending on the scope of their databases and page ranking criteria.


Answer by  tom10 (79)

Different search engines may be specialised for certain searches, such as video, text, images, etc. Therefore, they may be optimised in certain ways to deal with these type of searches. Furthermore, their user interfaces and ease of use may be different. Some search engines may have a function that allows you to preview web pages or videos, unlike others.


Answer by  kdg1285 (73)

I prefer Yahoo as my main search engine because it gives EASY & SECURE results at the top. Google is okay too. While Bing and others are more complicated.

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