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Question by  GiorgioSironi (24)

How is buddhist levitation accomplished?


Answer by  Theo (48)

In fact, levitation is not accomplished by either Buddhist or Hindu. No closely observed and verified occurances have ever been documented. There are many illusions extant, but they are no more real than those performed by any number of professional "magicians". The more relevant question is: "Why do people wish to believe that Buddhist levitation is possible? "


Answer by  Anonymous

Your all wrong, I'v looked around there are logical answers to everything. If they are floating in water, the water is just very dense, with salt. And if they are just floating, its just an illusion.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Buddhist levitation is something that connot be explained compleatly. Those who try explain it as a total focus on your inner and outter powers. Meditation is needed to accomplish levitation. Many say it is all pure focus, cleansing the mind of any other thoughts. It is accomplished by a single person with no interference.


Answer by  Zaka (2315)

The inner self, recognized through meditation will reveal the surrounding world to be burdened with concerns ranging from survival to seeking pleasure. The inner self will remain constant and unmoving. It is the surrounding world that will "sink" under its own weight and allow the inner self to float above it by comparison.


Answer by  marin (12)

we all have inner energy that it inside us,so we should activat that energy. by activating our cundalini energy that starts to rise from ,sacral spine and rises up in lumbal part,toracical , cervicall part,and in the end trough our third eye than that energy is so strong that can lift us, process i used in astral projection

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