Question by  hotmess (22)

How is 20/20 cricket different from other kinds?


Answer by  m4av1is (10)

20/20 cricket is different to other forms of the game because it is a short and fast played. it varies from test cricket and league games because it is all played in one day whereas a test match is played over 5. 20/20 cricket is reknowned for its big hitting batsmen.


Answer by  harry75 (41)

20/20 is more energetic n fast n a shorter version of the Game. Each side has an innings of 20 overs, so its called 20/20 or T20. Test cricket is the longest form of game played over 5 days. Cheerleaders is the latest addition to cricket through 20/20.


Answer by  Naveen (34)

The shortest and sweetest form of a game in cricket. We can see full aggression from batsman throughout the match, which we will miss in a odi match and test cricket. Not always we can see aggression in odi, only during last overs and powerplay overs. Bowlers will be turmoiled in this kind of game.


Answer by  savaliyajitendra2006yahoocom (24)

There are three kind of cricket game as like test cricket, one-day cricket and t20 cricket. among them one of the 20/20 formate. its a 20 over game per team. its a passion game and very enjoyable game. there are so many people are coming for watch this type of game. people like too this type of game.

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