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Question by  theonow (17)

How does lomilomi massage differ from other types of massage?

My masseuse says I should try it.


Answer by  amandar (6)

It is much better than other kinds of massages because it can help heal you in every aspect. Most massages are only done to make your body feel better and help you relax, but this kind can help with digestion and bodily functions. I would much rather get this kind of massage.


Answer by  HeidiW (371)

First of all,lomilomi is considered to be a healing experience for the body but also for your soul. For lomilomi, the masseuse uses, beside her arms, fingers, also knees,knuckles and sometimes special sticks or stones. Usually the one that does this massage properly won't be found in a spa, or massage center.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

It would be very relaxing as any massage would be, I am sure. Lomilomi tradition involves in rolestic healing. It is not like a regular massage. t


Answer by  gindeer (81)

Lomilomi massage differ from other types of massage because it brings a good effects into our body, physically and emotionally.

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