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Question by  abby22 (15)

How does corn removal work?


Answer by  cashian (376)

If the corns are severe, a visit to a podiatrist is in order. The podiatrist will shave the corn or remove it with an acid solution.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

Corn removal is basically just softening your attached hardened dead skin. This consists of soaking it in warm water to soften it and then scrubbing it with salt and a brush. To prevent corns use good cushioned shoes.


Answer by  Draco91185 (11)

Corn removal works by surgically resecting the affected skin. The hardened tissue is removed to allow softer, healthier tissue to regrow in the area.


Answer by  michele17 (9)

Most corn removals can be performed with home remedies available at your local drugstore. However some removals may require surgical intervention. This process usually is the last resort for the corn to be removed, however if the less invasive procedures are not conducive for permanent removal a physician will remove corn by removing all which includes a core root.

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