how does it work


Question by  Diane65 (27)

How does a key locator work?

I think I will probably get one when I find my keys.


Answer by  ina (18)

A key locator works in much the same way a remote for a tv works. The locator emits a signal that is then picked up by the receiver part attached to the keys. This receiver "answers" in an audible way so that it can be located when out of sight.


Answer by  primatefreak (1616)

A key locator works on radio frequency (RF) the same as a phone finder. Battery operated with battery life approximately one year. If buying, do research as different types are available. From as small as a keyless entry device for car to units with tags for up to 30 items.


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

Key locators have small transmitters in the locator and that are placed on your keys. When you push the transmitter button it will sent a signal/sound where they are located. This device is very useful for any person who has to keep track of multi keys and has a habit or misfortune of misplacing them.


Answer by  duel (79)

They work by detecting frequency. But only if its placed in an open area where it can detect signals. If you put in a drawer, or in a pocket on your jacket inside the closet then it won't respond.

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