Question by  thurston81 (72)

What control key do you use in Excel to collapse columns?

I need to collapse columns in Excel, everything I have tried has not worked.


Answer by  hems (160)

First select the columns that you need to collapse. Then you press ctrl+Y to collapse the columns. or you can use data->Group and Outline option to collapse.


Answer by  ballro (24)

You need to use the Data > Group > Outline Function. The shortcut for this is Shift + ALT + Right Arrow. This will insert a [-] above the highlighted column, which can be toggeled between [-] and[+] to hide / unhide the column.


Answer by  Benjamin (69)

1) Select the columns or rows to be hidden, right click on the numbers and hit Hide. 2) Or, after selecting, click Data -> Group.


Answer by  suchitra42 (13)

Use Y Control Key (Ctr l + Y) to collapse column;First select the Columns whichever needs to be collapsed , and then use Control Key with Y. The selected columns will be deleted. If you are deleting the columns,other columns automatically shifts up or to the left.


Answer by  cjsmuz (162)

You can collapse or hide a column in Excel by (1) RIGHT CLICKING on the column heading. From the dialog box that appears LEFT CLICK "Hide."


Answer by  Jahid75 (30)

In Microsoft Excel a columns can be collapse any time in short time. For this you have to go to Microsoft Excel. Then select the column that you want to collapse and then Press Alt+O,C,H. Selected column will be collapse.


Answer by  mathivanan (84)

on ribbon menus do the double click. select row and column by select data then group and outline then select the column to collapse the press control key with c that is collapse if you press ctrl + x means expand. when the group is expand then click anywhere to collapse.

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